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Heart Rate Monitors are great motivational tools

Heart Rate Monitors are great motivational tools to improve your fitness and monitor your progress along the way.

Are you an absolute novice thinking about buying your first Heart Rate Monitor? Or an experienced athlete looking for the most suitable Pulse Watch out there? Are you not sure which model to go for? Does all the “Heart Rate Lingo” such as bpm and MHR drive you bananas?

Or are you already the proud owner of a Heart Rate Monitor but feel you are not making the most out of it?

Well, you have come to the right place…..HeartRateMonitorReviews.net will help you to find the right Heart Rate Monitor for your needs and gives you all the tips and tricks you need to make the most out of your device.

Heart-Rate-Monitor-Reviews-Heartof the Matter 1:

Heart Rate Monitors - mindblowing choices.

Heart Rate Monitors are devices equipped with a multitude of features and functions. Deciding which one to go for can make your head spin.

I am an absolute Beginner and have no idea why I should even use a Heart Rate Monitor, let alone which one?

Step 1: Lets get you started by having a quick reminder why a Heart Rate Monitor might be the single best tool to improve your fitness in the shortest amount of time.

Step 2: Now you know why you absolutely, positively must have a Heart Rate Monitor let me guide you through a step-by-step process to find your perfect Heart Rate Monitor.

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I am about to buy a Heart Rate Monitor but I am not sure if its the right one?

Simply select the desired model from the database and read my review of it.

Heart Rate Monitor Confusion - use our compare tool.

Heart Rate Monitor Confusion? Use our Compare Tool!


of the Matter 3:

I cannot decide between two Heart Rate Monitors – help me choose!

Use our Heart Rate Monitor Comparison Tool to compare a wide range of features and specifications to help you decide which of the two would be the better choice. In addition I will give you my own opinion if I had to decide between the two of them.

A heart rate monitor can be a great toll to improve your performance

A Heart Rate Monitor can be a great tool to improve your performance


of the Matter 4:

I am already using a Heart Rate Monitor but want to make the most out of it – help me!

Click on my Training Resources Page to find Heart Zones Programs, Fitness Assessments and Training Tips for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Users.

Heart Rate Monitor Instruction Manual

Heart Rate Monitor Instruction Manual lost? No problem – we find it!


of the Matter 5:

I lost my instruction manual for my Heart Rate Monitor – can you help me find it?

Sure. Although I most likely wont be personally available to help you looking for it in your house I am, however, providing you with a Heart Rate Monitor Manuals Database. Get your beloved instruction manual with a click of a mouse.


of the Matter 6:

Who are you and why should I listen to you?

This question is absolutely justified considering how much pseudo-knowledge about Heart Rate Monitors is out there in the ether.

Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Founder Marc John

Heart Rate Monitor Reviews.net came about mainly due to my clients disappointment when they bought the “wrong” Heart Rate Monitor.

So let me briefly introduce myself:

My name is Marc John and I am an Outdoor Personal Trainer in London, UK. The Heart Rate Monitor has become the most important tool in assessing and monitoring my clients cardiovascular fitness.

However, more than a few times clients where so excited about using Heart Rate Monitors that they went out and bought one themselves. And more than a few times I noted their disappointment when the watch did not do what they thought it should.

Oh!It is not waterproof? So I can’t take it swimming?

Comments like these and similar plus reading perplexed customer reviews on Amazon led me to investigate the Heart Rate Monitor Information Market further and, low and behold, there seems to be no credible site that puts an equal emphasis on the negative equation of Heart Rate Monitor Reviews.

What you usually get in a Heart Rate Monitor Review is 90% talk about how great the device is and , if you are lucky, 10% on what’s not so great. And the ‘not so great’ section usually covers such ‘vital’ areas as choice of color or ‘instructions could be clearer’.

What’s with all these tables?

The tables are a labour of love! It all started with a simple table but , I admit, got carried away. I just could not help it! Thanks to a fantastic WordPress plugin called ‘Tablepress’ I was able to create what I believe are now the most extensive Heart Rate Monitor Reviews tables on the internet.

If you look at this Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor Review table at the bottom of the page you will find a ‘Search box’ on top of it. Type in any keyword that comes to your mind and the table will, hopefully, reveal the information required. It might not sound magical but try for yourself – I think it is.

So I thank you for looking at heartratemonitorreviews.net. I hope the information you will come across here helps you to find the right Heart Rate Monitor for your training needs.

And if indeed one of my Heart Rate Monitor Reviews did help you to make a more confident decison than I would be grateful if you could ‘click’ on any link leading to Amazon or any other of the merchants present on this site. I will earn a tiny bit of commission that will help me to keep the site alive and hopefully one day retire in style :-)

All the very best.

Marc ‘HeartRate’ John

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Marc John

Marc John

Outdoor Personal Trainer at Marc in the Park
Since 2003 Marc has been training people from all walks of life in the 'Great Outdoors'. Over the years the Heart Rate Monitor has became his most important training tool. His mission is to deliver the most detailed Heart Rate Monitor Reviews possible with an equal emphasis on the positives as well as the negatives.
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